CSA week 6


More peas! The plants are finally producing well, but now our snow peas have slowed down. We have second plantings of both kinds of peas that are just starting to produce, so peas will just keep coming. We hope that is a good thing!

This week, we’ve included something special: squash blossoms! These are a great treat, we’ve included just enough in this week’s share for a bit of an appetizer. We’ve got two recipes one with breading here, and the other without here. The first recipe calls for mint, but Heather just can’t get behind that, so we’ve included enough oregano for this recipe.

The bunch of kale would be great as Kale Chips substitute any seasoning if you don’t have the nutritional yeast. You can use kale any way you would use spinach: in scrambled eggs, added to casseroles or as a cooked green.

Green beans can get a bit boring if you eat them too often. To help yo out with that, try this simple recipe for Spicy Green Beans. Yum!  P.S. the green beans are coming to you a bit dirty because of the recent rains. This may seem like a rookie move, but they will actually stay fresher for you longer if you store them unwashed and clean them just before you prepare them.

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