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CSA Week 6

For the record, I try to debut a vegetable in our CSA box rather than at farmers’ market, whenever possible. So, when you stop at our table and we have only peas, green beans and a few herbs, it’s because we fill CSA shares and our own pantry first. Anything above that goes to market!

CSA Week 6 | Square Peg Food Farm

Today is the season debut of carrots! My favorite way to eat them is simple, steamed then served with butter and dill. This may be the last time peas will be in the box till later in the year, here’s a pound. Again, we have a pound and a half of green beans, for which, there is no end in sight! Still just one small zucchini per share. Also, one cabbage and some red onions. That will be the last cabbage till later in the season, but carrots and onions are still coming.

If you are looking for some new ways to use some of your produce, check us out on Pinterest. We’ve got lots for you to look through!

CSA Week 5

Shares are starting to fill out a bit better! I tried watering the beets to give them a boost before picking today, but only came up with enough for half the shares, so the other half will have some chard. Each share contains a small summer squash. When you aren’t expecting the little zucchinis they creep right up on you, but when you are patiently awaiting their growth, they seem to be at a stand-still. There are plenty of flowers, so I hope we can get more in the boxes soon!

CSA Week 5 | Square Peg Food Farm

The green beans are going strong after a first picking  just before market this week This week includes 1 and 1/2 pounds. If anyone is interested in getting some extra to can or freeze, let me know soon, this will be the time! Try this recipe for Crispy Green Bean Fries. Peas are looking good too, but our snow peas are just not producing like last year. Also in the share, some pretty little green onions. The red onions are bulb-ing nicely and I hope to include those soon, as well.

CSA week 4

Today’s share is, again, all from the garden. Hooray! I can’t believe I’m going to type this, but we could actually use a spot of rain to give the peas a boost and keep the surface soft for a few seedlings that should be popping up anytime.

This weeks share includes peas, just under a pound each. There are so many pods out there, but they are taking their time filling out. The snow peas are in the same boat, there are so few in this picking that it will be a choice between snow peas and little summer squash.

 CSA week 4 |Square Peg Food Farm

The green onions are looking beautiful, I went through and did a thinning and came up with a nice amount for the shares. Dave poked around under the potato plants and found some nice sized new potatoes. Each share will have about 2 lbs of these beauties. There was still plenty of lettuce in the garden, but I made a salad last night and several bites were bitter. That means they are getting ready to bolt and won’t be good eating anymore. We do have another planting of lettuce and spinach that could use a boost, maybe they’ll make an appearance in the shares in a few weeks.

In the meantime, the green beans are teeny-tiny, but should be ready soon. At least one corn plant is trying to send up tassels. The rest of the cabbage are going strong, I expect they will make another appearance. The carrots are still a bit small, but I expect we can send some of those in the near future, too!

Buffalo-style Pork and Pasta in the Slow Cooker

I was looking at a slow cooker buffalo chicken pasta recipe and decided to make it a few nights ago. Unfortunately, I hadn’t taken any chicken out of the freezer. Luckily, I know that our pork roasts fit into our crock pot from frozen, so I popped one in and started my version of the buffalo pasta sauce. There were plenty of other substitutions made so that I can feel confident calling this recipe my own. I don’t like hot wings, and don’t have wing sauce. The recipe also called for sour cream, but I prefer to use yogurt instead. So here is my take on it. Even our one and a half year old is loving it!

Buffalo Style Pork and Penne | Square Peg Food Farm


3-4 lb pork roast

1 medium onion, chopped

3 stalks celery, chopped (or to taste)

1 pint diced or stewed tomatoes (fresh will work too, chopped)

1/4 cup ranch dressing ( I use Simply Dressed, you could use a homemade or other prepared ranch if  you like)

2 cups greek yogurt, full fat (low fat if you must, but non-fat is a no)

1 to 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese

3/4 teaspoon dry dill

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 Tablespoon Siracha (more for serving)

Blue cheese crumbles for serving

1 pound penne or other noodles (we like whole wheat)

Place pork, onions, celery, tomatoes, dill, salt and 1 tablespoon Siracha in the slow cooker and cook 6 to 8 hours on low, the roast should be fall-apart tender.

Cook the noodles as per the directions and drain.

Take out the meat and shred using 2 forks or a fork and knife. Into the  slow cooker add the yogurt, ranch, and shredded cheese. Mix well before adding the meat back in.

Stir meat and noodles into your ‘buffalo sauce’. Serve with Siracha and blue cheese. By adding only a small amount of Siracha to the main recipe, this is suitable for most and can be spiced up for those who like it really hot!


CSA Week 3

Things are starting fill out in the garden! That’s good news for our CSA customers and for the farmer’s market that starts next week. This week’s share features only garden items, a first for this season!

Dry edible beans are from last season. They’re a beautiful variety called Trout bean, Appaloosa or Jacob’s Cattle. Originating from Prince Edward Island, the legend is that it was a gift from Maine’s Passamaquoddy Indians to Joseph Clark, the first white child born in Lubec, Maine. I really like these in a stew.

Jacob's Cattle bean | Square Peg Food Farm


Some of the cauliflower in the hoop house is maturing much slower than others, since snow peas have just started and didn’t yield many in the first picking, there is a choice between the two.


CSA Week 3 | Square Peg Food Farm


CSA Week 3 | Square Peg Food Farm

The cabbage, so far, is looking beautiful. These are a variety called Farao. They are not a storage variety, and have tender leaves, so should be used relatively soon. Great for a stir fry or making egg rolls!

CSA Week 3 | Square Peg Food Farm

Last, but not least, the lettuce. It won’t be long before it’s too hot for the greens. Make those summer salads while you can! Try this vinaigrette to top yours.

CSA Week 3 | Square Peg Food Farm


If you’re on Pinterest, be sure to check us out: I’m adding fun recipes all the time, making it easy for you to use all your farm fresh food!

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