CSA Week 3

Things are starting fill out in the garden! That’s good news for our CSA customers and for the farmer’s market that starts next week. This week’s share features only garden items, a first for this season!

Dry edible beans are from last season. They’re a beautiful variety called Trout bean, Appaloosa or Jacob’s Cattle. Originating from Prince Edward Island, the legend is that it was a gift from Maine’s Passamaquoddy Indians to Joseph Clark, the first white child born in Lubec, Maine. I really like these in a stew.

Jacob's Cattle bean | Square Peg Food Farm


Some of the cauliflower in the hoop house is maturing much slower than others, since snow peas have just started and didn’t yield many in the first picking, there is a choice between the two.


CSA Week 3 | Square Peg Food Farm


CSA Week 3 | Square Peg Food Farm

The cabbage, so far, is looking beautiful. These are a variety called Farao. They are not a storage variety, and have tender leaves, so should be used relatively soon. Great for a stir fry or making egg rolls!

CSA Week 3 | Square Peg Food Farm

Last, but not least, the lettuce. It won’t be long before it’s too hot for the greens. Make those summer salads while you can! Try this vinaigrette to top yours.

CSA Week 3 | Square Peg Food Farm


If you’re on Pinterest, be sure to check us out: http://www.pinterest.com/squarepegfood/ I’m adding fun recipes all the time, making it easy for you to use all your farm fresh food!

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