CSA week 4

Today’s share is, again, all from the garden. Hooray! I can’t believe I’m going to type this, but we could actually use a spot of rain to give the peas a boost and keep the surface soft for a few seedlings that should be popping up anytime.

This weeks share includes peas, just under a pound each. There are so many pods out there, but they are taking their time filling out. The snow peas are in the same boat, there are so few in this picking that it will be a choice between snow peas and little summer squash.

 CSA week 4 |Square Peg Food Farm

The green onions are looking beautiful, I went through and did a thinning and came up with a nice amount for the shares. Dave poked around under the potato plants and found some nice sized new potatoes. Each share will have about 2 lbs of these beauties. There was still plenty of lettuce in the garden, but I made a salad last night and several bites were bitter. That means they are getting ready to bolt and won’t be good eating anymore. We do have another planting of lettuce and spinach that could use a boost, maybe they’ll make an appearance in the shares in a few weeks.

In the meantime, the green beans are teeny-tiny, but should be ready soon. At least one corn plant is trying to send up tassels. The rest of the cabbage are going strong, I expect they will make another appearance. The carrots are still a bit small, but I expect we can send some of those in the near future, too!

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