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CSA Week 11

The green beans have finally started producing a good amount after some watering and just over an inch of rain this past week! Each share has a pound. The zucchini is shaping up as well, each share took home one large or two small summer squash.

I’ve started picking our last patch of corn, we may have one more week of it, but shareholders can use their farmer’s market credit this coming week if they would like to get in on our last batch.

Two large red tomatoes are included this week and several cucumbers. These are additions from my mother’s market garden, since my tomatoes are at a bit of a stand-still.

We also have about 3 pounds of potatoes in the shares and a bunch of carrots. I just saw a friend had made Carrot Top Pesto, so here’s a great opportunity to use those beautiful green bunches!

A reminder to members that if you still have a credit to use at the market, there may only be a week or two left!  We can always use it toward extras as the last weeks of CSA dwindle.

CSA Week 10

There is a wide variety of produce today! Tomatoes, beets, cucumbers, jalapeno peppers, banana peppers, yellow beans and onions were in each share. There was a choice of summer squash, pictured are a Benning’s Tint and a zucchini. There was also a choice of herbs: basil, garlic chives or thyme.

CSA Week 10 | Square Peg Food Farm


The peas are, sadly, done for the year. We thought we could coax a few more weeks out of them, but the powdery mildew has taken it’s toll. The green beans seem to have a second wind, though. We’ve been watering and I think we’ll have enough to send in shares next week. There are more carrots and corn in store this season and we hope that the brussels sprouts and cabbage keep on keepin’ on. The pumpkins and winter squash are starting to look really nice as well. Lots to look forward to!

Looking for ways to cook all this lovely produce? Check out our pinboards, on Pinterest, for ideas!


CSA Week 9

Despite our best efforts our peas and green beans have really slowed down their progress. One week each of our four rows of green beans put out a grocery bag full of beans, last night I filled less than a grocery bag, maybe a pound. We did start watering the plants early in the week and there are now lots of flowers and tiny beans. We hope to send some with the shares in the near future.

CSA Week 9 | Square Peg Food Farm

Today, shareholders will take home as much corn as they would like! I will have 4 totes with me and I have yet to pick almost half of the section that is ripe. I will be doing some canning this weekend, me-thinks. Corn will keep well for a few days in the fridge. I love it cooked up on the grill. You could also blanch and freeze it for this winter, or make corn salsa or creamed corn, yum!

This weeks share also includes a cucumber, one bunch of carrots, zucchini and/or yellow squash, tomatoes, 3 lbs of potatoes and an eggplant. My favorite way to enjoy carrots is steamed or boiled, served with butter and dill. The eggplant always seems a little daunting to people. Here’s a nice recipe for Eggplant Parmesan. I like to slice them thin and use in a vegetable lasagna with tomato based sauce.

CSA Week 8

Why yes we are missing a post for week 7!  How astute of you to notice.  We decided to leave the farm in some capable hands and take a quick vacation. We spent 5 days in Bozeman, MT where Dave and I lived for 8 years. I hadn’t been back since we moved back to North Dakota and we thought it was a great time to take Eva.

It took some planning to make it work. We wanted to be in Bozeman for Sweet Pea Festival the first weekend in August, not a super time to be away for any farmer, large or small. We carefully planned out arrival dates and butcher dates for the broilers so that they would all be gone by the time the farm sitters were in charge (the broilers are the most involved stop on the chore round.) All the planning and hand-wringing while getting things ready to leave were so worth it!

Hyalite Reservoir | Square Peg Food Farm

Square Peg Food Farm

Kids woodworking area at Sweet Pea Festival


Square Peg Food Farm

Making musical instruments at Sweet Pea Festival

We were able to take in many beautiful sights and hikes and lots of great music and art at the Festival! Sweet Pea does a great job organizing many different kids activities and we ended up coming home with a chair and sistrum that Eva helped to put together.

I suppose most of you are here to see about some vegetables, though. As sometimes happens, in my last minute rush, I didn’t get a chance to photograph today’s share. The tomatoes have just started ripening, the green beans are slowing down for a few moments and the zucchini are still a bit elusive so it was a choice between those three items and my one purple sweet pepper (Iko Iko is the variety.)

The corn is just starting to ripen, each share has a half dozen with more to come! This is the ‘early’ variety that I chose, it is not as sweet as some that are still waiting to ripen. I tend to like the less sweet varieties, hopefully some of you do too. It was great with a little salt, pepper and butter.

The beets were looking quite nice and the green onions are lovely, each share contains 1 bunch of each. Three cucumbers and one green bell pepper round it out. We finally hit the moment in summer when some of the more exciting produce is ready to eat. The peas have also slowed down, but I do expect to have more soon.

As always, thanks to each and every one of you reading, for your support of and interest in local foods. We could not be here, doing what we love, without your support.

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