CSA week 14

This has been an interesting growing season. A late, wet spring and a dry summer. Our garden didn’t produce as well as last year and I’ll have to (sort 0f) cut CSA short this year. Really, we’ll still get our 15 weeks in, but this will be the last consecutive week and I’ll get one last, big drop ready in a few weeks with pumpkins, dry beans, brussels sprouts, hopefully more tomatoes and some other nice surprises!

Shares were not as full as I would have liked this year, but that’s farming. I am lucky that my mom does a market garden too, and that hers fared better than ours did. All the tomatoes, save a few pounds, came from her garden. So did many of the cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, some onions and all the eggplant! On the brighter side: corn, green beans, carrots and spaghetti squash did very well this year on the farm.

This week, each share contains rosemary, thyme,  mint, cabbage, carrots, a large onion, potatoes and a summer squash. If the herbs are too many to use now, chop them up and freeze in ice cube containers with olive oil. They’ll be ready for a recipe when you are. Freeze the mint with lime juice for a nice late winter mojito! The cabbage would be great in this Creole Cabbage Soup. I better not forget about the green tomatoes. You can let them sit on the counter to ripen, but if they don’t, I suggest fried green tomatoes, a nice treat!

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