Prices and Purchasing

We are taking some time off! We’d like to get some things in order on the farm and will re-assess getting back into the local food marketplace in the future. Looking at our Mission/Vision/Values, we were languishing in a few areas and need a breather. Thanks so much for your interest and support in the past years! See you around.

We do not take internet orders at this time, you can contact us to receive an order form at the bottom of this page. It’s important to get your orders in by the deadline on your form , as we purchase chicks and piglets to fill the orders we get. Produce and eggs (as available) can be purchased on the farm or at the Grafton Farmer’s Market during the growing season. To find out what’s ready (probably starting in late May) contact us via email, text or phone call. Contact info can be found here.


IMG_0680 We have a very limited number of shares for the year. Priority will go to last year’s members. Then, availability will be offered to those that went on the waiting list last year. We expect to fill 15 weekly boxes with produce and value added items. Bonus weeks will be offered as the season allows. The drop this season will tentatively be at Lestikow Park on Fridays.

Each share will also include a $25 credit that is redeemable at our table at the Grafton Farmer’s Market. The market is held Tuesday evenings at Heritage Village on Hwy 17 in Grafton.

Price: $300/15 weeks          $150 deposit to secure the share


Chicken | Square Peg Food Farm Chickens are whole (suitable for roasting) and come in food grade plastic bags, ready for the freezer. The average is 5-7 lbs each. Giblets are available, if desired. At pick-up, your chicken will be fresh (un-frozen.)

We will have three pick-up dates this summer. Please note: the August 21 pick-up will be for a breed called Pioneer. This breed is supposed to be a better forager, but will need to grow several weeks longer to reach the proper size. We tried this breed, the Pioneer, next to the usual breed, the Cornish Cross, last year to inconclusive results. We’d like to see what we learn from another season with these varieties side by side. We may switch to the Pioneer if we, and you, like the results.

The new breed (August 21 pick-up date) will probably be slightly smaller than usual, but in our opinion, this breed has a better taste. Both batches will be excellent eating quality.

Pick-up:    July 10th (sold out)        August 7th              August 21

Price: $3.50/lb          $5 deposit per bird secures your order  


Turkey | Square Peg Food FarmWe will not have turkeys available in 2016. Please check back in the coming seasons. The average is 15-20 lbs. You can specify if you prefer a larger or smaller sized bird. Giblets are included.


Price: $3.75/lb          $20 deposit per bird 


Hogs | Square Peg Food Farm

Limited availability! We offer whole or half hogs. For detailed examples of what to expect for price and what you’ll get from a hog, see this post. We charge by the live weight of the animal. Average is 225-275 lbs.  We deliver the hogs to the butcher where you are charged based on the hang weight (generally around $160) for the cutting and curing of the meat. Before we drop them off, customers get a call so they know it’s time to call the butcher to tell them which cuts are desired and how they are to be packaged. Butchering will likely be mid-fall.

Price: $2.10/lb-live weight

$250 deposit/whole hog     $150 deposit/half hog


If you have a question or comment or a change of address, please contact us. If you’d like an order form, please include your mailing address.

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