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CSA Week 13

There is a chill in the air! I love the fall weather, but I am hoping to have a nice long autumn this year. Many of our plants got a blanket to cuddle with last night with freeze advisory in effect. I don’t think we had a frost at our location, though I did hear that many areas had lows in the 30-33 range. Brrr!

Members have another spaghetti squash this week. If you’d like to save this for later eating, wipe down with a 1:10, bleach:water solution and it will keep for several months. This is a good practice for any of the winter squash or pumpkin varieties you’d like to keep rather than eat now. Try something different than the usual spaghetti sauce topping, maybe with parmasean and herbs or in a Spiced Squash Pancake!

Beets and green beans also made it into this weeks share. I will admit that I am not a fan of beets, though I will try them if they are one someone else’s table. That said this recipe for roasted beets over beet greens looks interesting, and would be a great way to use it all. Green bean casserole will always be my favorite way to eat these lovelies, but it’s good to mix it up a bit with Balsamic Green Beans.

The last few items will go together quite nicely in a Ratatouille: onion, green pepper, eggplant and summer squash.

Enjoy this lovely cool weather!

CSA Week 6

For the record, I try to debut a vegetable in our CSA box rather than at farmers’ market, whenever possible. So, when you stop at our table and we have only peas, green beans and a few herbs, it’s because we fill CSA shares and our own pantry first. Anything above that goes to market!

CSA Week 6 | Square Peg Food Farm

Today is the season debut of carrots! My favorite way to eat them is simple, steamed then served with butter and dill. This may be the last time peas will be in the box till later in the year, here’s a pound. Again, we have a pound and a half of green beans, for which, there is no end in sight! Still just one small zucchini per share. Also, one cabbage and some red onions. That will be the last cabbage till later in the season, but carrots and onions are still coming.

If you are looking for some new ways to use some of your produce, check us out on Pinterest. We’ve got lots for you to look through!

CSA Week 5

Shares are starting to fill out a bit better! I tried watering the beets to give them a boost before picking today, but only came up with enough for half the shares, so the other half will have some chard. Each share contains a small summer squash. When you aren’t expecting the little zucchinis they creep right up on you, but when you are patiently awaiting their growth, they seem to be at a stand-still. There are plenty of flowers, so I hope we can get more in the boxes soon!

CSA Week 5 | Square Peg Food Farm

The green beans are going strong after a first picking  just before market this week This week includes 1 and 1/2 pounds. If anyone is interested in getting some extra to can or freeze, let me know soon, this will be the time! Try this recipe for Crispy Green Bean Fries. Peas are looking good too, but our snow peas are just not producing like last year. Also in the share, some pretty little green onions. The red onions are bulb-ing nicely and I hope to include those soon, as well.

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