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CSA week 3


We are finally able to put more produce in our shares! The lettuce is going strong for the moment, this week members got a one gallon bag full, enough for several side salads. The peas you see are snow peas. The whole pea, even the pod is edible. They are great in stir frys, added to salads or raw, as is! Members also received broccoli and cauliflower. This week we included a pint of our heirloom tomato sauce to round things out.

That’s it for the broccoli and cauliflower until later in the fall. We will probably see lettuce in next week’s share but our spinach has already gone to seed with these HOT temperatures. There are lots of tomatoes out there, I am hoping that the temps will help them start to ripen soon! The eggplant are flowering too.

On a sad note, we planned to include some baby potatoes in this week’s share, but a gopher ate the whole row out from under us, literally. Gophers are ever Dave’s nemesis. Last year they took out an entire section of carrots.



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