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CSA week 13


In the box today: this will be the last of the corn, bell peppers are still going strong, as are the summer squash and tomatoes for now. You’ve also got a good amount of carrots and a few small onions. Our onions didn’t get very big this year, I’ve heard from one other gardener that had poor luck this year too, not sure what the problem was with those.

Here is the first of the pumpkins! This is called ‘Small Sugar’ and is a great one for baking pies with it’s sweet flesh. If you aren’t into pumpkin pies how about Roasted Pumpkin Soup or Pumpkin Pancakes? Pumpkin bread made into french toast is one of our favorites! The recipe for the pumpkin soup has a run down on how to cook and make a puree from your whole pumpkin.

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